Full disclosure: The group in the photo isn't all of us. We're actually working on getting everyone together for a photo soon. But, the plane that got us to the Smithsonian was N724CA. A few of our members are hidden in the photo!

We do a lot of fun things and make a strong effort to support our community and those who serve it, like the Marshfield Police and Fire Departments, local schools, and other worthy programs. 


What does it cost?

One-time Membership deposit

To join the South Shore Flying Club, there is a one-time, non-refundable deposit of $1,400.

Monthly rates

  • With 16 active members, the fixed monthly dues are $90.
  • Flight time is measured by tach time and the hourly wet (fueled) rate is about $95. This charge can vary slightly with changes in fuel costs. 
  • Example: If you flew 2 hours in one month, the total costs for that one month would be $280.