Full disclosure: The group in the photo isn't all of us. We're actually working on getting everyone together for a photo soon. But, the plane that got us to the Smithsonian was N724CA. A few of our members are hidden in the photo!

We do a lot of fun things and make a strong effort to support our community and those who serve it, like the Marshfield Police and Fire Departments, local schools, and other worthy programs. 


What planes are available?


The South Shore Flying Club owns two aircraft, a 1999 Piper Archer and a 1976 Cessna Skyhawk. Both planes are based at Marshfield and stored in separate hangars. They are meticulously maintained by Shoreline Aviation - any squawks are fixed immediately.


What does it cost to join and fly?

One-time Membership deposit

To join the South Shore Flying Club, there is a one-time, non-refundable deposit of $1,400. If you'd like to become a member, please contact us via the form below and let us know. We currently have a limited amount of openings in the Club for new pilots.

Monthly rates

  • With 18 active members, the fixed monthly dues are $150.
  • Flight time is measured by tach time and the hourly wet (fueled) rate is about $98 for the Archer and $87 for the Skyhawk. This charge can vary slightly with changes in fuel costs.